Rause Family | Raleigh, NC | Family Session


Ever since second grade, the Rauses have been a second family to me. Whether my feet were muddy from playing by the creek with Shawn, or I hadn't eaten lunch and had full intentions of scavenging their pantry of all remaining snacks, I was always welcomed with open arms.  When we received an inquiry from Mr. Rause about scheduling a family portrait session, I was thrilled to have the chance to photograph a family I know so well. 


Their family portrait session was a birthday gift for Mrs. Rause, and would take place over the Thanksgiving holiday when the whole group would be back together under one roof. On the morning after Thanksgiving, we forsook our food comas and headed out to the Neuse River Trail for a portrait session along the river. 

These 6 people are a truly incredible bunch, and made for a joyful afternoon along the Neuse filled with smiles, laughter, and great conversation. It was a real pleasure to be able to photograph a family that I have grown up with, and I hope that these photographs at least partially make up for the numerous times Shawn & I woke them all up at 2 in the morning playing gamecube.