Austin & Esther | Raleigh, NC | Engagement Session

Austin and Esther truly encapsulate the ideal of enjoying life alongside one another. Throughout their engagement session, which began at the scenic outdoor dining area of the Boylan Bridge Brewpub that overlooks downtown Raleigh, it was nearly impossible to take a shot where the two weren't smiling or laughing with each other.


As we walked along the outskirts of downtown Raleigh, and the grounds of Dorthea Dix Park that followed shortly after, the couple shared the numerous stories that gave these locations their significance. Favorite dining spots when Austin came to visit Esther at college, running trails where Austin attempted to keep up with a slightly more distance-capable Esther, and even the spot where the couple spent their first date together; suspended in their Eno hammocks between two trees that overlook the cityscape.

It was a true blessing to spend the afternoon documenting this couple's declaration of love for one another, and to get a glimpse into the countless memories that have brought these two closer together. We can't wait for their wedding next July!

- B