Pam & Theo | Southport, North Carolina

The aspect that we loved the most about Pam & Theo was their undeniable dedication to family. In our initial meetings together as we asked what they valued most in photos for their wedding day, their responses were synonymous and equally as quick; photos with each-other and photos with our family.

As individuals, there was no questioning that they were both deeply rooted within their own respective family tree. But on September 12th of this year, these separate families became one, on a breezy day in Southport, North Carolina. 

There were so many memorable moments throughout their wedding day, such as Pam's father seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress, Theo reading a love note from Pam just prior to their ceremony, or even the eager young family member who wanted to share the newly-wed's first slice of wedding cake. Apart from all these however, was a moment that truly encapsulated their love for one another.

Pam & Theo's first-touch was one of the most special wedding experiences I had the privilege of experiencing. At any moment during the minutes that they stood together, only separated by a small doorframe and each other's mutual promise not to see each other before their ceremony, I just wanted them to embrace each other and for a distant officiant to pronounce them as husband and wife already. 

With their family standing on the lawn, just beyond the porch where the couple stood exchanging kind words and gentle strokes of each other's hand, it was a perfect glimpse at the beautiful family that would become official within the following few hours. 

Spared by the blanket of rain that enveloped the opposite side of the bay for the majority of the day, the Robich wedding was instead covered with the smiles and laughter of friends and family, the celebration of a beautiful couple, and just a bit of breeze. 

Thank you to the Vetter & Robich family for allowing us to be a part of such a special day, and to Pam & Theo for choosing us to tell the story of your wedding.

With Love, Blake & Stephanie