The Queen of Heart

Meet the better half of Foxtail, my beautiful companion Stephanie.  The last three years of my life has been a series of adventures, big and small, alongside the most incredible human being I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. This woman is the only reason I have survived 4 years of college. The one who ensures I'm eating something other than Stouffer's French Bread Pizza. The one who has completely redefined my perception of what it means to love. 

Our adventures sometimes consist of a trip downtown for a flavor of ice cream we've never tried; they can consist of wandering with cameras in areas where I keep my fingers crossed that my car isn't towed while we're gone; or even choosing to begin the journey of creating a photography business together. No matter how seemingly minor or vast these adventures may be, I cherish each and every one, as they are spent with her. 

As my first blog post, I found it suiting to share a few photos from one of our little adventures just a few days ago; spent wandering the shoreline of the Brunswick River and playing chess in a local coffee shop (Luna Caffé).  []


As I had never played chess prior to this spontaneous match, Steph was eager to teach (most likely due to her competitive spirit and urge to beat me at a game of strategy). I sat sipping my caramel latte, eyes focused on her, trying to concentrate on her explanation of the game (I was so very distracted by how adorable she looks in that hat). She explained each piece in detail, describing their abilities and the primary objective of the game. However, as she explained one piece in particular, the details became a little more confident; a little more zealous. The Queen.

"The Queen pretty much does whatever she wants. She moves in any direction and she can take out anyone. She's pretty much the most dangerous piece on the board." - S

My eyes lifted from my caramel laden whip cream and greeted Steph's bright green eyes with a smirk. The Queen. The free-willed, author of her own path. A true force to be reckoned with. Needless to say... I didn't stand much of a chance against two queens at the table.  But at least the coffee was a win.